Winning Projects 2011: Power 2 Women!

  • Winner

    Girls Only Radio Station

    Girls Only Radio Station is an online radio station started in 2008 to fill the gap in media talk about women and their special problems and feelings. Started with a personal loan taken out by the founder, the first 8 female presenters aimed their programming at well educated young women, offering guidance in life through social programs, an electronic magazine including topics such as self-defence and rehabilitation after sexual abuse, as well as political awareness for women in many fields. Girls Only Radio Station challenged the prevailing deeply entrenched cultural ideology...
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    Harassmap is a social initiative implementing an SMS system for reporting incidences of sexual harassment in Egypt. This tool gives women a way to anonymously report incidences of sexual harassment as soon as they happen, using a simple text message from their mobile phone. As Egypt's 55 million mobile phone subscribers grow in number by an average of 10% each year, Harassmap’s use of new mobile technology and innovative marketing is changing social outreach in Egypt, while invoking an older tradition of public safety for women. By mapping SMS reports on a public website displaying location...
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    Bell Bajao! (Ring The Bell!)

    The BellBajao! (Ring the Bell!) campaign, launched in India in 2008 by New Media of Breakthrough, is the first multimedia campaign to directly address men in the context of violence, previously a severe taboo in India, and to help men take ownership of interventions to effectively end domestic violence. BellBajao! calls upon men & boys alike to take action and renounce the role of perpetrator or spectator of violence towards women. Supported by an on-the-ground youth mobilization, the multimedia campaign has reached over 130 million people in India. BellBajao! takes a multi-dimensional...
  • Runner-Up

    Contraception - it's our choice

    The project “Contraception – it’s our choice” was designed in order to unveil the myths regarding oral hormonal contraception among the young people. This youth lead project was designed and conducted on the basis of the experience that the youth peer educators had over the years. Thought the year’s educators were facing with a lot of myths among young people especially girls regarding the negative side effects of the oral hormonal contraception. This fact in addition with the lowest rate of use of oral hormonal contraception among young girls ion the region (only 1,6% of the girls aged 15-19...
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    Think With Me

    Fungai Neni is a blog that discusses life issues from the perspective of a young Zimbabwean woman, Fungai Machirori. With a particular focus on gender issues in Zimbabwe, the blog is both daring and honest in a society that tends to be conservative and unwilling to open up to discuss the realities of life. In just over 18 months, Fungai Neni has grown to attract a membership of almost 100 subscribers and has achieved almost 45 000 visits. Indeed, the blog is proving that blogging and new media has a place in Zimbabwe’s media landscape – not only as a means of getting an important message...
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    "My Country My Village"

    Amar Desh Amar Gram is the first project of its kind that takes computers and web access to the lowest income group and empowers them with a possibility that was not ever previously available to them before. This project takes the products from producers specially under privileged women and girls all around Bangladesh and then opens up national and international markets for them. Today woman sitting at home producing simple ‘Nokshi Kathas” , are earning by selling there kathas all over Bangladesh and even abroad, farmer growing fresh vegetables are supplying to city markets. The centers that...