Winning Projects 2010: Create your Culture!

  • Winner

    Afrique in visu

    Afrique in visu is the first exchange platform for the photographic profession in Africa. This digital interface is a communication and distribution tool for photographers, which encourages an exchange of knowledge and experience. Its objective is to develop a structured and lively network of professional photographers in Africa.Established in 2006 by Jeanne Mercier and Baptiste de Ville d' Avray, Afrique in visu currently has a community of more than 100 contributors (journalists, photographers, bloggers, researchers), as well as many readers worldwide.Afrique in visu is in line with the...
  • Winner

    WupY "What's up Youth"

    What's Up Youth is a non-profit youth-led initiative created in 2008. The team launched an interactive portal whose main purpose is to help active youth from all over the world find information and exchange about valuable educational opportunities (workshops, conferences, trainings, scholarships), connect with international and regional organizations and funders, and take part in youth leadership or activism. The main services are: Firstly, updating opportunities and open calls for participation, including descriptions, deadlines and downloadable forms of each event. Furthermore, WupY...
  • Winner - online guide on contemporary architecture

    The Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK) decided in the spring of 2009 to create a database organising the main milestones of contemporary architecture of Hungary into tour routes. The goal was to launch a site that is easy to use, spectacular, and rich in information at the same time, and can serve both, as a site for virtual adventures and as printable supplementary material for real tours. In the first phase, 64 buildings from Budapest were chosen and organized into seven routes. The selection of buildings aimed to reflect the stylistic and functional variety that contemporary...
  • Runner-Up


    lemon24 an interactive online and mobile based entertainment radio station in Bangladesh which is broadcasting its program primarily to all Bangla community around the world.
  • Runner-Up


    An online magazine for lifestyle, food, art and culture, updated daily and indispensable for unconventional travelers, residents, dreamers and anyone who wants to know the unknown side of New York and the best city in the world. Founded in 2009, Nuok won several prizes, including the Lovie Award for Travel, has thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, and a young editorial staff of around 60 young contributors from 20 different countries.