Blood Donor Challenge

You might have heard of #Icebucket and #Ricebucket challenges. Now it´s time for the Blood Donor Challenge.

This new challenge starts from today on 01st October 2014, National Blood Donor’s Day.

The main aim of this campaign is to create awareness about voluntary blood donation.

What is Blood Donor Challenge? Here an explanation step by step:

1. Search for the closest clinic for Blood Donation and make an appointment.

2. Take some pictures while donating blood or to your Blood Donation Certificate.

3. Share it with your friends through your social media and challenge your people (“I have donated blood, now I challenge my friend @NAME to donate blood before 31st December 2014”).

4. Follow the Challenge through the hashtag #BloodDonorChallenge and tag @friendstosupport.

“Let´s make this campaign successful and useful to our society.” Sk. K. Shareef, Friends2support

Your collaboration on the Blood Donor Challenge is essential to increase voluntary blood donation and spread the word about it.

Remember that the deadline is 31st December 2014.

This is an initiative of WSYA Winner @Friend2support, get more information about the challenge on Friend2Support facebook page.