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Support Youth taking action on the UN Millennium Development Goals!

Joining the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) - as an organization or individual - gives you unparalleled access to the best e-Content worldwide, the opportunity to connect with a rich and ever-expanding network of young entrepreneurs, and the chance to meet the key players in shaping the social debates of tomorrow.

If you are looking to make your own contribution to the UN MDGs by

  • participating in the annual competition,
  •  investing in the best social ICT projects developed by youth,
  • or benefiting from all the entrepreneurial opportunities flourishing throughout the WSYA network,

…you have just arrived to the right place.

Established in 2005, the WSYA has led its international competition honoring excellence on the use of Internet for social empowerment during six editions and it’s currently developing the itinerary for 2014. 



  • Submit your project: are you creating outstanding e-Content addressing the UN MDGs and you are 30 years old or younger? Then don`t forget to submit your project! Our database is open from April to July. These are just some of the benefits
  • Become a network partner: Any organization or institution working with youth, in the ICT field, or committed to social endeavors can join the network at no cost. The WSYA is always looking for potential partners interested in promoting the competition and supporting the vision and mission of its community. Mutual collaboration is granted.
  • Contribute as a knowledge partner: offer us your advice, host a winners’ event in your country, be featured in the WSYA network and marketing campaign.

Meet our network from over 30 countries! 

Our ambassadors, board members and jurors are the ones who carry the WSYA spirit into the world. Get connected by writing us! Opportunities are just a click away!


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Ms Charlotte Dreyer