Outstanding projects and applications can be submitted in the following six categories which are directly tied to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):



Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease

Rewards the most effective content and applications addressing issues of extreme poverty and hunger, offering solutions for those whose income is less than $ 1 a day, supporting the reduction of diseases and fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS and malaria.


Education for All 

Gives credit to the most innovative content, platforms and solutions to give boys and girls everywhere in the world a full course of primary schooling, to advance training for personal development and jobs, and to achieve a high level of understanding and knowledge of the global information society and its promises, challenges and opportunities.



Women Empowerment  

Demonstrates the most inspiring content and communities which promote gender equality and empower women, eliminate gender disparity in education and at work places, facilitate access of women to all levels of political decision making and strengthen women’s contribution to the peaceful resolution of conflicts.



Go Green, Climate Change

Showcases the ground-breaking applications and content addressing the natural environment, promoting environmental sustainability, integrating the principles of environmentally sustainable development into policy programmes, reversing the loss of environmental resources and biodiversity, reducing the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and improving the lives of slum dwellers.


New categories:

Digital Generation
This category combines topics closely connected with the SDGs such as media, culture, urbanisation and employement.

Innovation for SDGs (as open category)